Privacy Policy & Terms

We know the value of privacy in the life of the user, and we value it a lot. We strive each day to make your detail more private.

Anything you enter on Fitness Mega Mart and search you made on this website, any details you entered on this website are kept anonymous, and no one can get hold of these details.

All the information you see on this page is private and encrypted. The details you entered in any part of this website are encrypted and then sent over that they couldn’t be intercepted by anyone.

This makes our website more professional and secure than most of the other websites. Also, Fitness Mega Mart contains many articles about many different health supplements.

You may also find some reviews of people who used that particular health supplement. We would like to tell you that all the reviews on any part of Fitness Mega Mart are true, and the reviews were posted on the website only for people to gain trust in the product.

Not only that, the reviews that were posted online were done so after gaining the consent of the user.

We at Fitness Mega Mart respect the privacy of the user and make sure that the identity of the user is revealed only after he/she agrees to it.

The data this website stores about a user is in the form of cookies. This serves us with many purposes.

First and foremost, by storing cookies of your browser, it tells us about your preferences so that every time you visit this website, we could arrange the website so that you may see only what’s of importance to you and nothing else.

Then in this way, the user will save his time and energy as he will find relevant things on the landing page of the website only.

Next, it also tells us about the user experience, and it gives is the chance to improve our website and user interface mechanism so that the user can gain more insight and information from this website.

Also, we add tons of different health supplements on this website every day, so we have to find a way to sort these articles in a way where every user of this waste could benefit from them.

That’s why we take the data of the user in the form of cookies. However, rest assured the data is completely safe with us and by no means is shared with any third party or application.